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Zip lining


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Stoney Creek Zipline

Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures sail above and through a gorgeous strand of Northern Pacific temperate rainforest high above a glacial valley floor just six miles north of Seward, Alaska, near the tip of Resurrection Bay.

The first zip line traverse is a short 65 feet across the fall line, running fairly close to ground level and allowing riders a chance to become comfortable with the process. Still high along the valley wall, the third zip line travels 190 feet and lands 50 feet up the trunk of a huge Sitka spruce. The fifth traverse soars above the trees 1,100 feet back across the valley wall, sails over a reflecting pond, and comes to a stop at a platform 75 feet up another Sitka spruce.

From this point onward the tour path descends into the ever deeper and darker rain forest with its dense vegetation and sparkling creeks. A 600-foot zip line into an enormous mountain hemlock is followed by a shorter line at mid-level in the forest and a spot where bald eagles have often been sighted. From the landing platform each group member rappels 60 feet down to the platform entrance of an aerial walkway that begins just above the ground but ends 120 feet later at a point 60 feet up another Sitka spruce.

The route now takes a 90-degree turn and crosses a long bridge to a hemlock where zip line riding resumes. A 280-foot line travels toward the valley floor, ending in a spruce close to the entry road. The final traverse then crosses over the tour parking lot and past the Welcome Center yurt to land in a group of Sitka Spruce where a 40-foot rappel brings the group back to earth at last.

Denali Zipline Tours

Soar to new heights with Denali Zipline Tours. During the three-hour tour you will traverse from one platform to the next via nine separate and exciting ziplines, three suspension bridges, a rappel and a spiral staircase while clipped in at all times from beginning to end – all through and amidst the beautiful northern boreal forest. The pace of the tour is varied, mixing speed and excitement as you zip, with time to pause and gaze out from viewing platforms and along walks across the long aerial bridges that show Denali and the expanse of the Alaska Range.

Your guides will share Denali Zipline Tour Educational Moments about the boreal forest and topographical features including ridges, ravines, kettle ponds, and the braided Chulitna and Susitna valleys. The history of Talkeetna runs deep and includes flying and mountaineering in the Alaska Range, gold mining, and the quirky local characters. The final and longest zip of the tour will span close to 600 feet – with most of the ride suspended over our “Reflection Pond” – landing on the final platform six feet off the ground.

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