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Fish House / Freezers


The Fish House will be undergoing renovation. There will be no fish cleaning facilities from June 1 - June 30, 2024. There are 2 public fish cleaning stations, located at the Seward Small Boat Harbor,  that guests may clean their catch. The Small Boat Harbor is 1.5 miles from the resort. Once the fish are cleaned, guests may bring them back to the Resort. Vacuum packers and freezers are still available for our guest to use. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are excited for this renovation!

Fish House and Freezer Usage:

1. The Supply office, Fish Houses and Freezer access is available from 0700-2200, LAST CLEANING AT 2130. If you need to pick up your fish prior to 0700, please make prior arrangements with the on-duty Supply Personnel.


2. If you are a guest of the Resort there is no charge to use the fish house or freezers during your stay at the Seward Resort, however, if you leave your fish in the freezer to be shipped at a later date, there is a $10 per box, per day charge to hold your fish until it ships. If you depart on a day that we do not ship fish, we will not charge you for storage unless you are holding your fish past the next ship date, then it is $10 per day per tote/box until shipped.


3. Authorized users who are not staying with us are able to use the fish house and freezers, it is $10 per limit of fish per person, per day for the fish house, and $10 per tote/box per day to store fish in the freezer until it is either shipped or picked up.


4. Dip netted fish – Regardless of whether you are a guest of the Resort or not, the charge to clean fish that have been dip netted are as follows: 1-9 Fish, $10.00, each fish above 10 is $1.00 each.


5. Fish that is not paid for or abandoned, after 30 days will become property of the Seward Resort.


6. Only Vacuum Seal bags that are purchased at the Seward Resort can be used in the Vacuum sealers – NO EXCEPTIONS!


7.      The North fish house is available for vacuum sealing and packaging of fish only, NO CLEANING of fish in the North Fish House.


8. The South fish house is available for cleaning only, no fish packaging, please clean up after yourself prior to leaving the fish cleaning house.


9. Supply personnel can help you package your fish for shipping to the lower 48, we DO NOT SHIP TO HAWAII, fish is shipped Monday – Wednesday every week, except for holidays. There are a variety of sizes of Styrofoam-lined fish boxes for sale in Supply.  Please see the front desk for shipping rates by pound, we ship via fed ex overnight. 


10. The Seward Resort is NOT responsible for lost, damaged, or late arrival of fish through Fed Ex.